Who is Triangle Center for Behavioral Health (TCBH)?

TCBH is a collaborative office environment where independently owned psychology practices offer their expert services.

Specific services vary across individual practices, but all providers have extensive training and experience in the use of evidence-based therapy approaches.

What is so important about Evidenced-based Therapy?

  • Evidence-based treatments have undergone rigorous research trials to determine their safety and effectiveness.

  • Evidence-based treatments ensure clients also receive the best possible care for their emotional and behavioral needs.

  • Currently, there are evidence-based methods to evaluate and treat many concerns, including ADHD, OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Depression, Autism, and Learning Disabilities.

  • Evidenced-based therapies generally are shorter in duration due to their focused approach.

  • Tools learned through evidenced-based therapies carry over to other areas of life due to their focus on problem-solving skills.