Clinical Experience

Dr. Eve Fontaine began private practice after spending three years at Duke University Medical Center. There, she provided outpatient clinical services with an emphasis on the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety and mood disorders, OCD, ADHD, and learning disorders. While at Duke, Dr. Fontaine also worked as a therapist for several clinical research studies. She provided cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders as part of the largest clinical trial to date comparing different treatments for pediatric anxiety disorders. She also worked as a therapist for a multi-site research study comparing two different therapy approaches for improving organizational skills in children with ADHD and organizational skills problems.

Dr. Eve Fontaine has extensive experience in conducting psychological, psycho-educational, and neuropsychological evaluations. She has also provided individual and family therapy to children, teens, and adults, and consultations to parents and teachers, within a variety of settings including outpatient mental health clinics, hospitals, and schools. Through her clinical training and experiences, she has developed expertise in many areas, including working with individuals affected by acute or chronic illness and with individuals who have a combination of ADD/ADHD and anxiety or mood difficulties. Lastly, Dr. Eve Fontaine has enjoyed providing skill-development groups to parents and school-age children.

Dr. Eve Fontaine is passionate about helping children, teens and adults to better understand their difficulties and to learn effective and appropriate coping strategies. She takes an active and collaborative role in this process, using a CBT approach. She adheres to evidence-based practice, meaning that she uses assessment and treatment approaches shown to be effective by research.

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