The full evaluation includes the following:

    • The completion of forms, including a developmental history questionnaire and rating scales for parents and teachers.

    • Review of your child’s work samples and any available preschool progress reports.

    • A cognitive test (IQ) is administered to your child, called the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence. This test is administered first and then parents are notified by the psychologist about whether or not their child has met the 98th percentile criteria for this test. If so, the psychologist proceeds to the academic achievement testing. If not, there is the option of ending testing here.

    • An academic achievement test is administered to your child. The test used is called the Woodcock-Johnson IV.

    • After the testing is completed, there will be a brief break for the psychologist to go over the testing to determine the results. Then the psychologist meets with parents to explain the results of the testing.

    • Within 1-2 weeks after testing you will receive a written report that summarizes your child’s evaluation and the testing results. This report will include the information required by the N.C. public schools for documentation.


The fees for this evaluation vary, depending on whether or not you complete all parts of this testing process. The testing is administered sequentially in a way that helps to minimize the cost of testing when possible. Here is a breakdown of how the fees may vary (please consult with your provider for exact cost):

Maximum Fee: Total cost of the full evaluation, including all parts described above.

Moderate Fee: IQ and achievement testing completed, but no written report provided. This situation may occur if your child meets the IQ criteria, but does not pass the academic achievement criteria. Should this be the case, you may opt out of the written report and just be provided with score printouts for your records for this reduced fee.

Minimum Fee: Partial evaluation (only IQ test is administered). If your child does not meet the 98th percentile criteria for IQ that is required by the public schools then parents typically do not proceed with the achievement testing at this point and the evaluation ends here. The IQ test results will be reviewed with you and you will be given a printout of your child’s test scores for your records.