Welcome to our website!  We hope you will find this a helpful resource to help you connect with expert care for your therapy and testing needs.  Our practices offer services for children, adolescents, adults, and couples.

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Our offices are conveniently located to all areas of the triangle including: Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Mebane, Durham, Pittsboro, Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Garner, Fuquay-Varina, and Wake Forest. 

Services and Areas Served:Therapy Durham NC, assessment Durham NC, evaluation Durham NC, treatment Durham NC, testing Durham NC, child psychology Durham NC, child treatment Durham NC, adult psychology Durham NC, adult treatment Durham NC, anxiety Durham NC, ADHD Durham NC, ADD Durham NC, ADHD testing Durham NC, ADD testing Durham NC, ADHD assessment Durham NC, ADD assessment Durham NC, learning disorders Durham NC, learning disability Durham NC, LD Durham NC, LD testing Durham NC, LD evaluation Durham NC, learning disability testing Durham NC, learning disability evaluation Durham NC, OCD Durham NC, OCD intensive Durham NC, severe OCD Durham NC, autism Durham NC, autism testing Durham NC, autism evaluation Durham NC, PDD Durham NC, developmental delay Durham NC, prematurity Durham NC, depression Durham NC, dysthymia Durham NC, encopresis Durham NC, enuresis Durham NC, bedwetting Durham NC, constipation Durham NC, soiling Durham NC, toilet training Durham NC, behavioral problems Durham NC, parenting Durham NC, time management Durham NC, organizational skills Durham NC, parent training Durham NC, ODD Durham NC, defiance Durham NC, trichotillimania Durham NC, skin picking Durham NC, tics Durham NC, Tourette's syndrome Durham NC, CBT Durham NC, HRT Durham NC, EXRP Durham NC, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Durham NC, phobia Durham NC, fear Durham NC, mood disorder Durham NC, migraine Durham NC, chronic pain Durham NC, sickle cell Durham NC, cancer Durham NC, coping Durham NC, seizure Durham NC, IBS Durham NC, Aspergers Durham NC,  giftedness Durham NC, early kindergarten entry Durham NC, neuropsychology Durham NC, memory Durham NC, processing disorder Durham NC, kindergarten readiness Durham NC, IQ testing Durham NC, couples counseling Durham NC, family therapy Durham NC, social skills Durham NC, anger management Durham NC.Therapy Cary NC, assessment Cary NC, evaluation Cary NC, treatment Cary NC, testing Cary NC, medication Cary NC, child psychology Cary NC, child psychiatry Cary NC, child treatment Cary NC, adult psychology Cary NC, adult psychiatry Cary NC, adult treatment Cary NC, anxiety Cary NC, ADHD Cary NC, ADD Cary NC, ADHD testing Cary NC, ADD testing Cary NC, ADHD assessment Cary NC, ADD assessment Cary NC, learning disorders Cary NC, learning disability Cary NC, LD Cary NC, LD testing Cary NC, LD evaluation Cary NC, learning disability testing Cary NC, learning disability evaluation Cary NC, OCD Cary NC, OCD intensive Cary NC, severe OCD Cary NC, autism Cary NC, autism testing Cary NC, autism evaluation Cary NC, PDD Cary NC, developmental delay Cary NC, prematurity Cary NC, depression Cary NC, dysthymia Cary NC, encopresis Cary NC, enuresis Cary NC, bedwetting Cary NC, constipation Cary NC, soiling Cary NC, toilet training Cary NC, behavioral problems Cary NC, parenting Cary NC, time management Cary NC, organizational skills Cary NC, parent training Cary NC, ODD Cary NC, defiance Cary NC, trichotillimania Cary NC, skin picking Cary NC, tics Cary NC, Tourette's syndrome Cary NC, CBT Cary NC, HRT Cary NC, EXRP Cary NC, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Cary NC, phobia Cary NC, fear Cary NC, mood disorder Cary NC, migraine Cary NC, chronic pain Cary NC, sickle cell Cary NC, cancer Cary NC, coping Cary NC, seizure Cary NC, IBS Cary NC, Aspergers Cary NC,  giftedness Cary NC, early kindergarten entry Cary NC, neuropsychology Cary NC, memory Cary NC, processing disorder Cary NC, kindergarten readiness Cary NC, IQ testing Cary NC, couples counseling Cary NC, family therapy Cary NC, social skills Cary NC, anger management Cary NC